5 Faculty/Mentors


Daniel Fisher, Professor
(1) Kroeber Anthropological Society editorial assistant (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Aesthetics of Art Village Formation in China (Open)
Junko Habu, Professor
(1) Lifeways of Prehistoric Hunter-Gathers in Japan (Open)
(2) Examination of Small Scale Food Production and Distribution Strategies (Open)
Rosemary Joyce, Professor
(1) Museum Anthropology (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Archaeology of the Albany Bulb (Full- no new appr needed)
(4) Classic Maya Archaeology in Chiapas (Full- no new appr needed)
Lisa Maher, Professor
(1) Reconstructing Human Activities in the Paleolithic: Case studies from Prehistoric Sites in Jordan (Check back for status)
(2) Lithic Analysis-Ancient Egypt (Full- no new appr needed)
(3) Historical Documentation Specialist (Full- no new appr needed)
(4) Experimental Archaeology: Reconstructing a 20,000 year old hut structure from Eastern Jordan (Check back for status)
Jun Sunseri, Professor
(1) Berkeley-Abiquiú Collaborative Archaeology (BACA) project (Open)
(2) Zooarchaeological Collections Management (Open)
(3) “Bear Bones” Zooarchaeology Research Lab Website Design (Open)