Sugata Ray, Professor

Closed (1) Intersections between Global Environmental Change, Art/Architecture, and Scientific Experimentation

Applications for Spring 2018 are now closed for this project.

This is an ongoing research for a book on the relationship between global environmental transformations and art and architecture. The student will be involved in researching a section of the book that examines how art and architecture in the Indian Ocean region (broadly Asia and Africa) were affected by large-scale environmental transformations in the early modern and colonial period (1550-1850). Depending on research interests, the student can also research the visual culture of early modern science (zoology, botany, and minerology) in Asia in relation to the scientific experimentations that were being conducted in Europe during this period.

The project requires students with different specializations and diverse research skills:
1. Directed primary and secondary research on art and architecture in the UCB library and online databases; Research of images in museums, private collections, and digital sources
2. Directed research on historical transformations in the natural environment
3. Directed research on the visual culture of scientific experiments in Asia (16th – 19th century)

Learning outcomes:
Experience with art history research; Learning archival research; Learning about Asian history, environmental history, and science studies

Qualifications: Students with experience in working with images and archival research; Interest in history, art history, science studies and/or environmental history

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated

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