Sophie Volpp, Professor

Open (1) Preservation of Rare Books in Republican China/Objects of Western Import in Eighteenth Century China

Open. Apprentices needed for the fall semester. Please do NOT contact faculty before September 11th (the start of the 4th week of classes)! Enter your application on the web beginning August 16th. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, August 29th at 8 AM.

I am engaged in two projects. One concerns attempts to preserve China's cultural heritage by saving rare books from capture by the Japanese army during the Sino-Japanese war. Since English-language sources are somewhat limited, reading knowledge of Chinese or Japanese would be a big plus. The undergraduate student would work in a team with myself and a graduate student to engage in translation of documents and compile a bibliography.

The other project concerns use of objects imported from the west in eighteenth century China (the project may extend later to objects imported from Japan and Southeast Asia). I will be writing about the representation of objects of western import in the eighteenth-century novel The Story of the Stone (Honglou meng). We will be thinking about the global circulation of goods during the eighteenth century; an interest in economics, world history, or art history would be helpful.

Qualifications: Reading knowledge of Chinese is necessary. A background in comparative literature, English, art history, history or any other related field is desirable although not necessary. Students with a background in art history and especially Italian are particularly welcome to apply.

Weekly Hours: 3-6 hrs