Sophie Volpp, Professor

Closed (1) Preservation of Rare Books in Republican China/Objects of Western Import in Eighteenth Century China

Applications for Spring 2018 are now closed for this project.

I am engaged in two projects. One concerns attempts to preserve China's cultural heritage by saving rare books from capture by the Japanese army during the Sino-Japanese war. Since English-language sources are somewhat limited, reading knowledge of Chinese or Japanese would be a big plus. The undergraduate student would work in a team with myself and a graduate student to engage in translation of documents and compile a bibliography.

The other project concerns use of objects imported from the west in eighteenth century China (the project may extend later to objects imported from Japan and Southeast Asia). I will be writing about the representation of objects of western import in the eighteenth-century novel The Story of the Stone (Honglou meng). We will be thinking about the global circulation of goods during the eighteenth century; an interest in economics, world history, or art history would be helpful.

Qualifications: Reading knowledge of Chinese is necessary. A background in comparative literature, English, art history, history or any other related field is desirable although not necessary. Students with a background in art history and especially Italian are particularly welcome to apply.

Weekly Hours: 3-6 hrs