Cathryn Carson, Professor

Closed (1) Learning data science (Data Science Education Program) - student experience

Applications for Spring 2018 are now closed for this project.

Data science is an exciting new field drawing together computing, statistical reasoning, data management, and data analysis in a huge range of areas. UC Berkeley has launched a new Data Science Education Program that starts with Data 8 (CS/Stat/Info C8), the Foundations of Data Science class, which is accessible to students across campus, and connector classes in many departments that are linked symmetrically with it. It now includes a growing set of advanced classes that are being developed on top of these. This URAP project allows undergraduates of all majors to help develop the program in two lines of research and development work.

Student experience team: Researching the needs of students in data-centric courses and mapping out potential pathways in ways that serve a broad range of different groups of students. This includes addressing experiences and developing strategies to support diversity and inclusion in data science, and meeting the interests and preparation of students in many majors beyond data science itself.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Anthony Suen, Staff Researcher

Qualifications: Strong candidates will have experience in social scientific / educational research OR familiarity with some part of data science (computer science, statistics, or applications in all sorts of domains). Concurrent or previous enrollment in Data 8 and other courses in the Data Science Education Program is strongly encouraged but not required. Students with particular proficiencies are highly valued: familiarity with either qualitative or quantitative information-gathering approaches about student experience (asking questions, doing surveys), as well as cutting-edge data science tools for data exploration and visualization. For diversity and inclusion, ethnographic or other humanistic or social science research background, exposure to debates around inclusion, identity, and equity (through coursework, work experience, or extracurricular activities). Students applying for this URAP must explain 1) which aspects of the project(s) particularly engage them, 2) what skills they bring to the project(s), 3) how many hours per week they can commit.

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated

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