Michel Laguerre, Professor

Open (1) Twin Cities in the Global Age

Open. Apprentices needed for the fall semester. Please do NOT contact faculty before September 11th (the start of the 4th week of classes)! Enter your application on the web beginning August 16th. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, August 29th at 8 AM.

The goal of this project is to unveil diverse models of global management and administration of transnational sister-cities entanglements with a focus on the contemporary period. Sister cities such as San Francisco/Shanghai, San Diego/Tijuana, Berkeley/Leon (Nicaragua), Chicago-Casablanca, and New York/Santo Domingo are selected for analysis. These case studies allow an opportunity to identify successful arrangements that materialize (1) through transfers of technical knowledge, professional skills, capital, and goods; (2) collaboration in terms of sharing good practices of urban governance, urban planning, and local democracy; and (3) understanding emergent forms of transnational municipal administrative cultures and politics. All of this is seen and interpreted through the lens of globalization theory.

Three to five students will be recruited to actively participate in this project. Each student researcher will devote 6-9 hours per week to the project. The research consists of preparing thematic bibliographies, transcribing interviews, and attending occasional team meetings.
Applicants should be at the junior or senior level.

Qualifications: Social sciences background

Weekly Hours: 6-9 hrs