Michel Laguerre, Professor

Closed (1) The Digital Neighborhoods Project

Applications for Fall 2018 are now closed for this project.

The Digital Neighborhoods Project,

This research project aims at explaining the mechanisms of operation of bottom-up globalization in the context of digitization. It does so by focusing on digital neighborhoods as nodes that embed the globalization process in local places and that inscribe local sites as generators of global flows. In this project, the digital neighborhood is operationalized for the purpose of delimiting a field of research as an urban quarter with a population actively engaged in cyber-spatial activities that influence the shape and content of the identity of the residential community. Topics to be researched are the following: digital neighborhood profiles; mapping digital neighborhoods; digital neighborhood surveillance, privacy, and security; digital neighborhood institutions; the Internet of Things, Big Data, and artificial intelligence in the making of digital neighborhoods; and digital homes, including the infrastructure of digital homes; the home as a workplace for telecommuters; the mobility of tools, people, and structure; ubiquity of IT in the house; dependence on outside sensors for electricity and water supply; dependence on internal sensors for regulating house temperature, turn on and off switches, and monitor noise level; ability to visualize at a distance what is going on in the house; the house as target for telemarketers; and the globe in one’s living room through the television set. All of these variables are discrete blocs of the architecture of the bottom-up globalization process.

Qualifications: Social sciences background

Weekly Hours: 10 hrs

Email applications to bcgit@berkeley.edu or call 510-642-5992.

Three to five students will be recruited to actively participate in this project. Each student researcher will devote 10 hours per week to the project. The research consists of preparing thematic bibliographies, transcribing interviews, and attending occasional team meetings.

Qualifications: Applicants should be at the junior or senior level.

Weekly Hours: 9-11 hrs