Eric Stover, Faculty Director

Closed (1) Research for the edited volume Silent Witness: Criminal and Humanitarian Applications of Forensic DNA Analysis

Closed. This professor is continuing with Fall 2017 apprentices on this project; no new apprentices needed for Spring 2018.

Professor Eric Stover of the Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley School of Law, is looking for 2-3 URAP students to help research an edited volume entitled Silent Witness: Criminal and Humanitarian Applications of Forensic DNA Analysis.

Researchers will assist the editors and authors in finding, summarizing, and cataloging selected articles on the application of DNA analysis in investigations of serious crimes, unjust convictions, war crimes, and violations of human rights in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bosnia, Haiti, United Kingdom, and the United States. Researchers may also conduct fact finding related to particular research questions associated with the book, provide writing and editing support, and help with citations. Researchers will gain an understanding of the use of DNA analysis in human rights investigations in various contexts and time periods as well as the process for compiling a publishable edited volume.

Qualifications: Researchers should have basic social science research skills and an interest in the topic. We are looking for one researcher who is fluent in Spanish.

Weekly Hours: 3-6 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: 396 Simon Hall, UC Berkeley

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