James Rule, Lecturer

Open (1) Research for book Taking Privacy Seriously

Open. Apprentices needed for the fall semester. Please do NOT contact faculty before September 11th (the start of the 4th week of classes)! Enter your application on the web beginning August 16th. The deadline to apply is Tuesday, August 29th at 8 AM.

Research assistance is needed locating and editing materials for a book on American privacy law. The work will include internet searches and other library-based inquiries. The aim of these searches will be to identify vivid personal stories of privacy-related experiences, such as embarrassments and misfortunes that befall people when their personal information is misused.

The student will seek the most appropriate and telling instances to buttress the arguments in the forthcoming book. Work will be done at home or at the university library.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: James Rule, Staff Researcher

Qualifications: Familiarity with search engines and a certain acquaintance with print and internet media are highly desirable.

Weekly Hours: 6-9 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: Work can be done at home (via the internet); some elements of it will need to be done at the university library or another research library.

Related website: http://www.jamesbrule.net