Eva Nogales, Professor

Closed (3) Structure-function studies of large macromolecular complexes using biochemistry and cryo-electron microscopy

Applications for Spring 2018 are now closed for this project.

A mechanistic understanding of biological functions needs a structural description of the macromolecular assemblies that carry out those functions. We are using cryo-electron microscopy, a new and powerful structural biology technique, to describe the architecture, dynamics and interactions of complexes involved in gene expression, both at the transcription initiation level and during silencing via epigenetic marks.

The student will be involved in the expression and/or purification of protein components, the biochemical characterization, and the analysis via electron microscopy visualization

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Robert Louder, Graduate Student

Qualifications: Knowledge of basic principles of biochemistry desirable. Strong work ethics, attention to detail, and team spirit are required. Previous experience in biochemistry or molecular biology technique is desirable.

Weekly Hours: 9-12 hrs

Related website: cryoem.berkeley.edu