Chris Conroy, Staff Curator

Closed (1) Genomics of the California vole (Microtus californicus) and related rodents

Applications for Spring 2018 are now closed for this project.

The California vole is a common species of rodent in California. However, one population lives on the fringe of its range in the Mojave Desert. Due to a lot of effort by a team of conservation biologists, we now have an annotated genome of the vole. We still need to publish research with this genome, ask and address some captivating questions like examining genes under positive selection, or increased rates of evolution relative to closely related rodents.

The student(s) involved would primarily help with evolutionary genomics analyses and processing of paired-end and mate-paired genomic data. This project will involve learning how to assemble the genome using the raw Illumina data, and once we have clean sequence data, how to run tests of relative rates and positive selection (e.g. with PAML), infer genomic architecture and other comparative genomic analyses. There is also the possibility of incorporating a dataset of RAD-Seq data for this species.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: CHRIS CONROY, Staff Researcher

Qualifications: The student(s) should have the capability to examine genomic data, have programming skills, a willingness to research the current literature and discuss with Conroy and Prost, and show some interest in coming up with unique hypotheses to test.

Weekly Hours: 6-9 hrs

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