Diane Erwin, Senior Museum Scientist

Closed (1) Digitizing and imaging the fossil insect collections in the UC Museum of Paleontology.

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This project is part of a NSF PEN grant to digitize and photograph fossil insects in the Museum of Paleontology as part of the Advancing the Digitization of Biological Collections (ADBC) Thematic Collections program. The project has been extended to complete the digitization and imaging of the fossil insects in amber and the remaining Cenozoic miscellaneous collections. The specimen images and associated metadata generated from the project will be uploaded to the UCMP online database, the CalPhotos and iDigBio websites. From these web resources researchers and the public will have access to these data for scientific, education and outreach purposes.

To assist in photographing fossil insect specimens using the latest digital technology and image stacking software. Tasks will include photographing primarily insects in amber using a sophisticated stereoscope imaging system and or Canon 5D Mark III with MP-E 65mm lens, image processing using Adobe Photoshop, and uploading the processed images to the web. Learning outcomes will include gaining skills in museum preparation and collections curation, insect identification, description, systematics and biology, digital camera imaging, microscopy, and working with photo and specimen databases. The student will also have the opportunity to contribute content to the project's website and social media sites.

Qualifications: Students should be at least second year, have some interest in insects, paleontology, and/or the biological sciences, museum work and feel comfortable and capable of working with expensive instrumentation, handling very small, very delicate fossil specimens, be computer literate, and fastidious, able to focus and not easily distracted or bored.

Weekly Hours: 3-6 hrs

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Closed (2) Digitizing the Museum of Paleontology Fossil Amber collection archives.

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The project is to upload our digital archive of paper and photographic documents (pdfs) associated with the UC Museum of Paleontology's Insects in Amber collection into our Docubase online document storage system. This work will involve entering brief descriptions and pertinent information for each document that will help identify it and make it retrievable by interested scholars through the Docubase search.

The student will input the UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology's digital archive of paper and photographic documents and other related media into Docubase, our online document storage system. Students will learn aspects of handling natural history collection archives and their digital management. The student will also contribute to occasional blog and other social media postings about the progress of the project.

Qualifications: Students should be computer literate, careful in handling delicate documents and objects, pays attention to detail, good communication and writing skills.

Weekly Hours: 3-6 hrs

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