Charlotte Smith, Lecturer

Closed (1) The UC Berkeley – Mapping the Human Right to Water Project

Closed. This professor is continuing with Fall 2017 apprentices on this project; no new apprentices needed for Spring 2018.

The UC Berkeley – Mapping the Human Right to Water Project was conducted by ~10 URAP students in the 2016/17 academic year. The students researched the realization of the human right to water as described in the United Nations Resolution 64/292. The students examined the current regulatory or legislative framework in this regard, for their country of their choosing. The students also summarized their findings so they could be uploaded to an ESRI StoryMap (a graphic narrative of a situation that includes “place”).

The selected candidate will finalize the draft report created by last year’s URAP students and supplement the findings from that research with two recent publications: The 2017 Joint Monitoring Program report and the 2016 Sanitation and Water for All report Additionally, the student will learn to create StoryMaps using the ESRI tutorials and finalize the 2017 version of the Mapping the Human Right to Water StoryMap.

Participation on this project will provide an opportunity for the student to learn an exciting communication tool (Storymaps) as well as learn about an important human rights issue. This project could be part of a senior thesis.

1) Finalize project report
2) Perform a literature search for case studies on the realization of Resolution 64/292.
2) Learn how to create storymaps.
3) Create a storymap with documentation.
4) Publish the storymap on an appropriate portal.
5) Weekly one-hour meetings with the research supervisor

Qualifications: QUALIFICATIONS: Required: Good writing and communication skill. Student must be self-motivated and comfortable working independently. Willingness to learn basic GIS and Storymap procedures. Desirable: GIST minor, c188, or equivalent preferred

Weekly Hours: 3-6 hrs

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