26 Faculty/Mentors

Business, Haas School

Alice Agogino, Professor
(1) Squishy Robotics: Rapidly Deployable Mobile Sensing Robots for Disaster Rescue, Remote Monitoring and Space Exploration (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Beyond Hands: Human-Centered Design Prosthetics for Music (Full- no new appr needed)
(3) Design for the Future: 3 Projects Available: (1) theDesignExchange, (2) Autonomous Vehicles, (3) Cyber-Security (Full- no new appr needed)
(4) Laika and Belka: Quadruped Robots with Actuated Tensegrity Spines (Full- no new appr needed)
Cameron Anderson, Professor
(1) Teamwork Study (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Social Psychology and Business Lab (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Social Psychology and Online Environments (Full- no new appr needed)
(4) Interviews, Background, and Nonverbal Displays of Status (Full- no new appr needed)
Sara Beckman, Senior Lecturer
(1) Teaming with Diversity for Innovative Output (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Analyzing Student Perceptions of Design Thinking in Business (Full- no new appr needed)
(3) Systems Mapping: Modeling Execution Systems (Full- no new appr needed)
(4) Nobel Prize Winners and Creativity (Full- no new appr needed)
Matteo Benetton, Professor
(1) Measuring market power in the cryptocurrency industry (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Is Facebook Really Free? (Current Term Now Closed)
Dana Carney, Professor
(1) Self-Control and Status; Politics, Race, and Political Correctness; Socioeconomic Status and World View (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Empathy, Power and Status, Prejudice, Workplace Phenomena, and Non Verbal Behavior (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Classical Conditioning and Behavioral Nudges (Current Term Now Closed)
(4) Thin Slices; Truth and Lies; Groups; Narcissism (Current Term Now Closed)
Jennifer Chatman, Professor
(1) Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Diversity in Work Groups and Organizations (Current Term Now Closed)
Clayton Critcher, Professor
(1) The Psychology of Consumer Decision Making, Emotion, Morality, and Politics (Current Term Now Closed)
Ernesto Dal Bó, Professor
(1) Website Design for the Atlas of Archaeological Sites (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Data Development for Atlas of Archaeological Sites (Full- no new appr needed)
Robert Edelstein, Professor
(1) Globalization and the U.S. Economy (Current Term Now Closed)
Ellen Evers, Professor
(1) The Psychology of Judgment and Decision-Making (Current Term Now Closed)
Anastassia Fedyk, Professor
(1) Big Data for Global Employment Dynamics (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Global Information Flows and Financial Markets (Current Term Now Closed)
Paul Gertler, Professor
(1) Financial Inclusion and Cash Transfer Programs (Current Term Now Closed)
Andreea Gorbatai, Professor
(1) Sentiment Analysis for Text (Newspaper coverage) (Current Term Now Closed)
David Harris, Lecturer
(1) Global Lives Project: Empathy-building Social Media, Video Editing, Web Development, Translation, Grantwriting (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Funding Ecosystems for Nonprofit Innovation (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Global Lives Project Book Manuscript Development (Current Term Now Closed)
Heather Haveman, Professor
(1) Computational Analysis of Social Science Research (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) I Regret To Inform You That Your Private Information Has Been Compromised (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Charter schools and the business age: Analyzing and visualizing web text and school data (Current Term Now Closed)
Ming Hsu, Professor
(1) Neuroeconomics: Decision-Making and the Brain (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Big data approaches to social sciences (Current Term Now Closed)
Drew Jacoby-Senghor, Professor
(1) Unconscious Bias within Social Networks (Current Term Now Closed)
Zsolt Katona, Professor
(1) Real or Fake: Managing User Authenticity in Ad Auctions (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Alibaba Fintech - Online Credit Markets (Current Term Now Closed)
Laura Kray, Professor
(1) Gender in the Workplace (Current Term Now Closed)
David Levine, Professor
(1) Safe cooking (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Stories and games to improve public health (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Looking for low-value medical care (& fraud) in workers compensation (Current Term Now Closed)
(4) Writing an Android app to promote safe childbirth (Full- no new appr needed)
Don Moore, Professor
(1) Debiasing Probability Forecasts - The Limitations of Hindsight (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) The World of Bias in Decision Making (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) The Many Faces of Overconfidence (Accuracy Lab) (Current Term Now Closed)
Abhishek Nagaraj, Professor
(1) Impact of Mapping in the Age of Discovery (1600-1800) (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Weather Innovation: Big data analysis of weather predictions (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Quantifying Innovation in Machine Learning/Computer Vision Algorithms (Current Term Now Closed)
Leif Nelson, Professor
(1) The Psychology of Pay-What-You-Want Pricing and Human Interaction (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Behavioral Lab Research (Current Term Now Closed)
(4) Judgment and Decision Making (Full- no new appr needed)
Juliana Schroeder, Professor
(1) Psychology of Trust and Technology (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Communicating and Connecting with Others (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Dehumanization (Current Term Now Closed)
(4) Overclaiming Credit for Group Tasks (Full- no new appr needed)
Reed Walker, Professor
(1) Compliance Costs of Environmental Policy in the United States (Full- no new appr needed)
Guo Xu, Professor
(1) The master and commander – promotion and fighting performance in the Royal Navy (Current Term Now Closed)