4 Faculty/Mentors

Social Welfare

Jill Berrick, Professor
(2) Assessing families, family needs, and family risks in child welfare (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) How are fathers engaged in the child welfare system? (Current Term Now Closed)
Jeff Edleson, Professor
(1) Therapy, counseling and advocacy using apps and chatbots (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) From warm handoff to comprehensive care: Studying a digital domestic violence referral system in emergency departments (Full- no new appr needed)
(3) Digital safety and sexual violence prevention (Full- no new appr needed)
Anu Gomez, Professor
(1) Birth Control Access in Pharmacies Project (Current Term Now Closed)
Jennifer Skeem, Professor
(1) Correctional intervention for people with mental illness (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Reducing institutional violence (Current Term Now Closed)