14 Faculty/Mentors

Political Science

Vinod Aggarwal, Professor
(1) Superpower competition; middle powers in a world of superpowers; Disaster Management in the Asia-Pacific (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Web Page and Publication Design (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Assistant Managing Editor, Business and Politics (Current Term Now Closed)
Christopher Ansell, Professor
(1) The Post-Socialist European City: Transitions, Variation, and Capacities (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Oversight in the European Union (Current Term Now Closed)
Leonardo Arriola, Professor
(1) African Studies Research Assistant (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Program on Security Institutions and Violent Instability (Police) (Current Term Now Closed)
Jennifer Bussell, Professor
(1) The Daily Life of Indian Politicians - Shadowing as a Tool for Medium-N Research (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Multi-party Politics and Cabinet Formation in India (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) The Political Economy of Textiles in India (Current Term Now Closed)
Pradeep Chhibber, Professor
(1) The growing socio-economic disparity and the Indian Democracy (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Can Technology reduce Poverty? Maybe. (Current Term Now Closed)
David Collier, Professor
(1) Critical Junctures and Historical Legacies (Current Term Now Closed)
Ruth Collier, Professor
(1) Creating Partisans: New Political Parties and Social Movements in Latin America (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Work and Politics in the Digital Economy (Full- no new appr needed)
Lowell Dittmer, Professor
(1) Chinese National Identity (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) China, the US, and the Taiwan Strait Embroilment (Full- no new appr needed)
Thad Dunning, Professor
(1) Democracy in the era of political disillusionment: is moderation ever strategic for outsiders? (Current Term Now Closed)
Taeku Lee, Professor
(1) How the American Welfare State Created Asian American and Latinx Coalitions (Full- no new appr needed)
Aila Matanock, Professor
(1) Conflict, Crime, and Intervention (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Making Migrations: The Strategic Use of Population Displacement in Civil Conflicts (Full- no new appr needed)
(3) Program on Security Institutions and Violent Instability (Constitutional Legal Frameworks) (Current Term Now Closed)
Michaela Mattes, Professor
(1) Program on Security Institutions and Violent Instability (Military) (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Peace Deals as Counterinsurgency: Explaining Variation in Military Power- Sharing (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Apologies in International Politics (Full- no new appr needed)
Jasjeet Sekhon, Professor
(1) Donor Networks in American Politics (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Developing Machine Learning Algorithms For Causal Inference In Big Data (Full- no new appr needed)
Steven Vogel, Professor
(1) Market Governance in the United States and Japan (Current Term Now Closed)