9 Faculty/Mentors


Patricia Baquedano-Lopez, Professor
(1) Education and immigration processes of Indigenous Latinx Students in Bay Area schools (Full- no new appr needed)
(3) Transnational Processes and Practices of Return Migration: Maya Families from Yucatan across Borders and Generations (Full- no new appr needed)
Tolani Britton, Professor
(1) Does Demographic Matching for High School College Counselors and Students Impact College Access and Success? (Current Term Now Closed)
Kris Gutierrez, Professor
(1) Toward Equity by Design (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) The Coloniality of Statewide Literacy Testing and #OptOut as a Decolonial Option (Full- no new appr needed)
(3) Writing Data Stories (Current Term Now Closed)
(4) []-Space: Co-designing a culturally sensitive makerspace (Full- no new appr needed)
Moonhawk Kim
(1) Communicating Partnership Research: How to Disseminate the Work of Research-Practice Partnerships with School Districts (Current Term Now Closed)
Michael Ranney, Professor
(1) Reasoning About Global Warming, Climate Change, (and Evolution,) and Numbers (Current Term Now Closed)
Alan Schoenfeld, Professor
(1) Teaching for Robust Understanding of Mathematics (TRU) (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Towards a critical-mathematical consciousness: Understanding the construction of a counterspace for prospective maestras Mexicanas (Current Term Now Closed)
Tina Trujillo, Professor
(1) Research and Evaluation of UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics - Graduate Theological Union Guide Training Program (Current Term Now Closed)
Michelle Wilkerson, Professor
(1) Python Developer for an Anticolonial Educational Video Game (Full- no new appr needed)
(2) Writing Data Stories - Creating Dataset Dashboards for Middle and High School Data Science Education (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) Writing Data Stories - Website and Materials Design and Development (Current Term Now Closed)
(4) Support mathematical reasoning, argumentation, and interest through participation in mathematical proving (Current Term Now Closed)
Chunyan Yang, Professor
(1) Asian American Teachers' Experience with Anti-Asian Violence and Teacher Workforce (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Teacher Wellbeing and Teacher Resilience Project (Current Term Now Closed)