4 Faculty/Mentors

Space Sciences Laboratory

Andreas Zoglauer, Staff Researcher
(1) Pioneering new Data-Analysis Techniques for the next generation of gamma-ray space telescope with Machine Learning (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) Improving the data-analysis pipeline of the COSI telescope with machine learning (Current Term Now Closed)
Christopher Chaston
(1) ‘Turbulent field topology and particle scattering in the Solar Corona’ (Current Term Now Closed)
(2) ‘Relativistic electron scattering in electromagnetic turbulence’ (Current Term Now Closed)
(3) 'Energy Transport, Conversion and Dissipation in Earth's Magnetotail' (Current Term Now Closed)
(4) 'Flow tracing through the auroral acceleration region' (Current Term Now Closed)
Thomas Immel, Research Physicist
(1) Analysis of NASA ICON data from Earth orbit (Current Term Now Closed)
Oswald Siegmund, Research Physicist
(1)  Photon Counting Detector Technology (Current Term Now Closed)