Karen Nakamura, Professor

Closed (1) Multimodal Access Devices Project: Creating small sensors for disability and neurodiversity access

Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed for this project.

The Berkeley Disability Lab has been working to create a set of tutorials for blind and low-vision Arduino users. We want to expand this project to encompass a broader set of tutorials that encompass more varied disability experiences. Undergraduate researchers will be developing both devices that may be useful or fun for people with a variety of devices, as well as the tutorials and guides that will help disabled people hack and extend those projects.

Coming up with the technologies will require

1. Background research and reading
2. Research specific user needs
3. Design monitoring, evaluation, adaptation tech
4. Field test the adaptations / monitoring with user feedback
5. Writing up the design in a way that can be shared and hacked by the disability community
5. Iterate design

Students will learn how to conduct research into adaptive technology and environmental monitoring. They will learn how to conduct field interviews and run field tests and how to iterate feedback into the design process.

Qualifications: Students with lived experience with disabilities, neurodiversity, or environmental sensitivity are particularly invited to apply. Background experience with standard makerspace tools (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D design tools, CNC, 3D printing, videography and editing, etc.) would be a plus but can also be learned through this project.

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs

Related website: http://disability.jp/nakamura