Daniel Perlman, Director

Closed (1) Women’s Empowerment and Resilience in Rural Niger: An Ethnographic Study

Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed for this project.

This study is a partnership between the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley and the Centre for Girls Education at Ahmadu Bello University in Northern Nigeria. The purpose of this study is to:

- Gain a better understanding of women’s empowerment as seen through the eyes of women and men in rural Maradi, Niger;

- Identify and describe the most significant factors influencing women’s empowerment in this context;

- Explore indigenous models of empowerment; and

- Use the findings to inform the design of programming aiming to improve gender equity.

This study is employing a range of research methods—participant observation, structured observation, in-depth interviews, informal group discussions, and the review of program reports and documents. The Nigerien research assistants are participating in the daily life of the community, living with families with married adolescent girls, and writing fieldnotes of their observations every evening. This participant-observation is meant to bring together what people say (the content of interviews) and what they do (daily observations in the form of fieldnotes).

The undergraduate research apprentices will be trained to analyze the qualitative data from this study. They will learn to code and analyze the researchers' interviews and fieldnotes, write analytical memos, and turn the insights gathered from this process into an article.

Qualifications: Required: Qualitative research coursework or experience required. In addition, for those with strong French fluency, we will also have opportunities analyzing interviews and observations from our research in Niger.

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated