Darcy Gimaldo Grigsby, Professor

These apprenticeships are part of a campus-wide project in 2020 commemorating the 150th anniversary of the passage of a resolution by the Board of Regents enabling the admission of women to the University of California. Undergraduate research apprentices will explore the 150-year history of women at Cal through a particular lens agreed upon with their faculty instructor. At the semester’s end, the students’ research may be presented at poster sessions and may be featured on a website published by the University.

Closed (1) For Want of Color. Handpainted photography

Applications for Spring 2022 are now closed for this project.

My new book is a meditation on the strange tenderness of handcolored photographs. Although I consider professional studio work, I focus on amateur practice of painting directly onto black and white photographs from the 1860s to 1950s. Research entails locating pertinent sources such as paint kits, how-to books and manuals. I have now assembled a large collection of photographs that will be the subject of my book and hopefully a future exhibition.

TASKS: Independent research and collaborative meetings. Inventorying my large collection of handcolored photographs, documenting their country of origin, dates, and inscriptions usually on their backs. Conducting Primary and secondary research online; use of Interlibrary Loan; research of images online. Gathering of bibliography, annotated bibliography and compilation of sources.

Qualifications: My project is wide-ranging and does not require specific expertise. That said, I could use assistance with my Russian, Eastern European and Egyptian handcolored photographs, handcolored African-American photographs and also a group of handcolored photographs of Native American children in Arizona. Students interested in early uses of color in film would also be welcome.

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs

Closed (2) Preparing Berkeley Art Museum exhibition on Alexandre Dumas père and Adah Isaacs Menken opening Spring 2023

Applications for Spring 2022 are now closed for this project.

This exhibition will feature my collection of prints, photographs, and popular materials concerning the mixed-race French author Alexandre Dumas père and Louisiana-born, racially ambiguous actress Adah Isaacs Menken with whom he had an affair at the end of his life. Both writer and actress were talented, famous, and celebrated but also notorious and attacked; they each sought fame and used mass media, performance, and publication as publicity. Both continually courted scandal, sometimes through sexual liaisons, and both were perceived as racially marked.

Students will work as a team with me as we consider how to design the exhibition. They will assist in the mechanics of exhibitions: compiling lists of artworks, writing drafts of accompanying texts, exploring means of publicizing the exhibition and attracting University and non-University communities. In addition, we will organize a small accompanying conference and celebration of the release of my book Creole. Portraying France's Foreign Relations at the end of 2022.

Qualifications: Attention to detail, interest in the subject (19th-century French culture, colonial history, and politics of race and gender). Knowledge of French is desirable but not essential.

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs