Jeremy Fogel, Executive Director

Closed (1) Berkeley Judicial Institute Research Apprentice

Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed for this project.

The Berkeley Judicial Institute (BJI) aims to establish an effective bridge between the legal academy and the judiciary for the primary purpose of promoting an ethical, resilient and independent judiciary. By creating this much needed synergy between the legal academy and the judiciary, BJI also seeks to address the concern that legal scholarship has become less relevant to the actual work that judges do. BJI is a brand new Institute within Berkeley law, directed by Judge Jeremy Fogel, the former Director of the Federal Judicial Center. The apprentices would have the opportunity to assist in several aspects of the Institute’s work as it takes shape, including two particular projects.

First, BJI is involved in a project examining why, despite good faith efforts, there is a persistent lack of diversity in law clerk hiring in the federal courts, particularly at the appellate level. Federal judicial clerkships often are viewed as among the prestigious post-graduate opportunities available to law students, and they confer a tremendous advantage in all future stages of one’s legal career. While there is very little data on the demographic makeup of federal clerks, the limited data that is available reveals a striking lack of diversity. The apprentice would assist with this research, in conducting literature reviews and helping with data management. Second, BJI is organizing a Symposium at Berkeley in April, which examines the structure of the federal appellate courts, and brings together judges, lawyers, and professors from around the country. The apprentices would also assist with several aspects of this large event, including the publicity and organization of the event. Finally, the apprentices will have the opportunity to work across a broad range of the Institute’s other activities.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Mary Hoopes, Director of Research, Staff Researcher

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs