David Levine, Professor

Closed (1) Safe cooking

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Almost half the world cooks on inefficient wood and charcoal cookstoves. These stoves kill over a million people a year from indoor air pollution, contribute to deforestation, and release billions of tonnes of CO2. Improved cookstoves can dramatically reduce these problems and also save poor households substantial amounts of time and money. Nevertheless, improved stoves are not widely adopted by the global poor.

We need help studying how to shift cooks to safe fuels such as gas and electricity.

A) We need students skilled at Stata to help help clean and analyze data. Apprentices will learn statistical and research skills.

B) We also need students who can speak any Indian language, but especially Hindi and Kannada, to do some interviews with cooks, gas distributors, etc. Apprentices will learn research and marketing skills.

Qualifications: I need apprentices with excellent attention to detail who can work independently. Part (A) requires at least one course in econometrics and programming skills in Stata. Part (B) requires language skills and the ability to carry out interviews and take good notes.

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs

Closed (2) Stories and games to fight COVID-19

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We are developing a curriculum based on stories, games and engaging activities ) to teach about health in poor nations (wash hands with soap, cover your cough, etc.).

We need LOTS of different skills:
1. Illustrate a children's story teaching health
2. Data analyst
3. Test activities with local children
4. Make our web site great
5. Market research / interview skills. You will call NGO staff and interview them about their current health education activities and how we can best fit their needs.
6. Translate into Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Tagalog, etc.
7. Program mini-games: Good programming skills: Python or Java. Especially if you can write mini-games (experience with a package such as Unity, PyGame, etc.)

Qualifications: We need LOTS of different skills: 1. Illustrator: Able to do fun cartoons. Can do basic digital art (advanced dis better). 2. Data analyst: Ability to program in Stata: merge datasets, look for outliers, run a regression, 3. Test activities: Currently working with children ages 4-12 who can test curriculum activities. The children might be in local schools, camps, youth groups, perhaps through a UC connection such as Camp Kesem, SAGE Mentoring (tutoring), Cal TEACH, etc. 4. Web design: Basic Web design skills + design skills 5. Market research / interview skills (or interest). You will call NGO staff and interview them about their current health education activities and how we can best fit their needs. 6. Translator: Translate into Tamil, Hindi, Kannada or Tagalog 7. Program mini-games: Good programming skills in languages such as Python or Java. Best if you can write mini-games. Ideally you have experience with a game-writing package such as Unity, PyGame, etc.

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: From your location.

Related website: http://hygieneheroes.berkeley.edu/curriculum.html

Closed (3) Looking for low-value medical care (& fraud) in workers compensation

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Workers compensation in California spends billions of dollars each year treating injured workers. We would like to code the insurance records to identify low-value (and potentially fraudulent) health care. This project is a partnership with WCIRB, which collects all of the state's workers' compensation health data.

You will convert general ideas such as early use of opioid drugs& early MRI for a non-acute back injury& into specific diagnostic codes, pharmacy codes, etc.

Qualifications: An interest in health care (e.g., a pre-med), machine learning of fraud detection, and/or economics. Careful attention to detail and work with little supervision.

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs

Closed (4) Writing an Android app to promote safe childbirth

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I am involved in a research project that is giving Android smart phones to nurses and midwives in clinics in rural Kenya. We need to program an app that helps them follow a checklist of procedures for a safe delivery. If successful, I hope this app will be adopted widely around the world.

Program an app and provide excellent documentation. Test the app in the United States. If successful, receive feedback from tests in Kenya.

Qualifications: Excellent programming skills. Ability to create an app for Android.

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs