Jennifer Chatman, Professor

Closed (1) Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Diversity in Work Groups and Organizations

Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed for this project.

This project investigates the effects of leadership, culture, and diversity in groups.

This project will be overseen by Professor Jennifer Chatman. Professor Chatman is an expert on topics such as culture, social norms, and diversity in teams. Some URAPs may have the opportunity to work more closely with Professor Chatman on research support activities and other projects, depending on their performance. The research project includes a variety of different studies including some experiments and some field studies.

We are looking for RAs to assist with 3 different projects:
1.) Interview study: This project examines impression management behaviors and which techniques are successful to use during a job interview.
2.) Culture Study: This project will investigate how an organization’s culture impacts the performance of an organization. This study will include several work-related performance outcomes that measure creativity, openness, and collaboration.
3.) Diversity Study: This project looks to examine a group's diversity and demography and the subsequent impact on group performance.

The URAPs role could include conducting literature reviews in the topic areas, help with research design, running experiments in xlab and the Haas Behavioral Lab, collecting survey data, coding and analyzing survey and experimental data, preparing archival data for analyses, and even helping to develop publishable research papers.

Qualifications: Students must be hard-working, responsible, and willing to ask questions. Previous experience with Microsoft Excel, statistical software such as spss, running experiments on mTurk, and online survey software, such as Qualtrics, is desirable but is not required. We are interested in recruiting students of all academic backgrounds who demonstrate an interest in the subject matter. Freshmen or students with a GPA below 3.5 will be considered but should expect to provide compelling reasons for their hire.

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs