Robert Edelstein, Professor

Closed (1) Globalization and the U.S. Economy

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

URAP participants are expected to work between 9 and 12 hours per week (pursuant to the mutually agreed upon contract between the student and Professor Edelstein). Usually, the URAP team will meet with Professor Edelstein on an as needed basis to discuss assignments, provide findings as well as interact about issues that have arisen while pursuing research assignments.

Students may perform varied research tasks, including data collection, library search, and statistical analysis. To the extent students have the capabilities, some of the statistical analysis may require skills in the area of econometrics and data science.

Research will focus on two subject-topic areas:

1. A preliminary feasibility study about social risks associated with economic adjustments, demographic shifts, globalization effects and climate change in the long run. As part of this analysis, you will examine how we can move towards urban cities that are sustainable, including analyzing energy usage, water supplies, pollution control, and needed social investment that might be necessary.

2. During the spring 2020 semester, members of my URAP mentorship will be working on selective parts of a book. In particular, they will be researching various public policy proposals for elements contained therein. The following outline represents the prospective book plan:

Part I – Framing the Issues: The Precursors for Stability and Growth in the 21st Century
I. Introduction, Summary, Book Motivation: Why you Should Read This Book
II. How and Why Can the U.S. Achieve Economic and Political Pre-eminence in the 21st Century: Rules and Paradoxes
III. The Misunderstood Role of the Public Sector

Part 2 – The Complexities of the Current Economic and Financial Retrograde: How to Stop Decline
IV. So Much Needs to be Fixed in America: Is it Possible?
V. First Things First: Short-term Issues – Keeping Us Afloat and Then Moving in the Right Direction

Part 3 – The Long-run Plan for Global Growth in the 21st Century
VI. Long-term Policy Prescription: Focusing Upon Long-run Economic and Social Prosperity

Part 4 – Conclusions - why we can succeed in implementing this plan

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Charles Montague

Qualifications: Generally, restricted to upper division students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students should possess good computer, statistical, and writing skills.

Weekly Hours: 9-11 hrs

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