Abhishek Nagaraj, Professor

Related website: http://www.abhishekn.com

Related website: http://abhishekn.com

Closed (4) Early-Stage Research in the Economics of Information and Big Data Analytics

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This URAP project exposes students to one or more of the ongoing projects that the professor (Abhishek) is working on along with PhD students and other research assistants in the Berkeley-Haas School of Business.

The idea of this URAP group is to provide students with exposure to research at the frontier of research in business economics and the economics of information and business strategy. Most projects involve cleaning, processing and analyzing big data& sets in a variety of different fields of relevance.

Examples of ongoing projects include:
(a) looking at the impact of government data on economics research
(b) using cell-phone and related data to inform the response to the COVID-19 pandemic (reopenmappingproject.com)
(c) looking at the impact of new Yelp information on small business performance.

Please take a look at Abhishek's website (www.abhishekn.com) for examples of other research papers from his group.

You will work with Abhishek and/or one of the PhD students in Berkeley Haas collaborating with him. Work will be performed remotely, and we will have regular meetings to discuss your progress.

When submitting your application please include:
-- a CV or a transcript listing grades/GPA in key courses
-- a short description of the most complex data analysis/&big data& project you have undertaken. Links or attachments to past work/project output is appreciated.

Depending on the project, you will be involved with
(a) qualitative/archival research
(b) cleaning, processing and updating large datasets
(c) producing summary statistics, simple regression analysis

Qualifications: You should have experience handling and processing large datasets (10-100GB+) and with the linux command line. Exposure to Python/Jupyter/R/Stata is also helpful. Exposure to classes in econometrics, micro economics and data/science is appreciated, but not necessary.

Weekly Hours: 9-11 hrs

Related website: http://www.abhishekn.com