Richard Huntsinger

Closed (1) Research in Business Analytics

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

The Berkeley Data Analytics Group collaborates with industry and conducts research in business analytics in three areas: business application proof-of-concept development, platform development, and comparative analysis.

Proof-of-Concept Development:
Researchers will use data analytic methods to help articulate, prove technical feasibility, and quantify the business value of a variety of potential product and service offerings. Data will be from publicly available and proprietary industry sources. Deliverables may include technical proofs-of-concept implemented in R (or Python) software, write-ups of results as case studies appropriate for publication or business analytics education, and recommendations presented to our industry partners. Select potential product and service offerings currently being studied include the following.
• Data analytics applied to candidate/job matching
• Data analytics applied to ransomware detection
• Data analytics applied to electricity demand forecasting
• Data analytics applied to spatiotemporal migration inference
• Data analytics applied to medical genetic testing
• Data analytics applied to equipment anomaly detection in nuclear power operations
• Data analytics and probabilistic risk assessment in long-term industrial operations

Platform Development:
Researchers will develop tools in R software to advance business analytics education and support business application development. Deliverables may include open-source resource publications, technical documentation, and commercial product proposals. Select tools currently being studied include the following.
• Open-source R library for business analytics education
• Spatiotemporal migration animation platform
• Predictive model performance evaluation platform

Comparative Analysis:
Researchers will empirically evaluate the relative performance and effectiveness of data analytic methods on a variety of data types. Deliverables may include analyses implemented in R software and write-ups of results appropriate for publication.

Weekly team meetings at the professor’s on-campus office at the Haas School of Business and/or on Zoom.

Qualifications: (1) Strong interest in business analytics; (2) Proficiency in R, or proficiency in Python or other data analysis software with interest in learning R; (3) Previous experience or study in statistics, business analytics, or data analytics, such as UGBA147, DATA100, or equivalent.

Weekly Hours: 12 or more hours

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