J. Theodore (Ted) Peña, Professor

Closed (1) The Palatine East Pottery Project

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This project involves the study and publication of the ca. 20 tons of Roman pottery recovered in the American Academy in Rome's Palatine East excavations in downtown Rome. While much of the data collection is done in Rome, some of the work is done here in the University of California Roman Material Culture Laboratory, including data processing and archiving and the migration of data onto RES ROMANAE, the lab's website.

URAP apprentices are responsible for one or more of the following operations: the digital tracing of pottery drawings, the updating of spreadsheets, the editing of spreadsheets, photographs, drawings and texts for migration onto the website, the production of photomicrographs of ceramic thin sections on a petrographic microscope, the uploading of material onto the website, the building of new pages for the website and the editing of existing pages. Students will master the specific techniques involved in these operations while learning about the ancient Roman pottery that is the object of the study. Project URAP apprentices are eligible to apply to join the summer field team that works in Rome so that they can gain direct experience in the study of archaeological pottery.

Qualifications: Students should be adept at using one or more of the following programs or be willing to master one or more of these: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, Drupal Content Management System. Experience building and maintaining websites more generally would be highly welcome.

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs

Related website: http://resromanae.berkeley.edu/