Tolani Britton, Professor

Closed (1) Does Demographic Matching for High School College Counselors and Students Impact College Access and Success?

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

Measure whether an association exists between a demographically matched high school counselor and high school student's college outcomes. The dimensions of demographic matching include race, ethnicity, gender, and first-generation student status. College outcomes are: level of institution, selectivity of institution, number of applications, and retention.

Contact high schools in New York City and Oakland to get the name of the high school college counselor and length of employment.
Create dataset in Excel of high school college counselors in New York City and Oakland over the past ten years.
Help analyze data to create summary statistics.

Qualifications: Communication skills Organizational skills Microsft Excel Stata (not required)

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: remote