Carlo Sequin, Professor

Closed (1) Joint Interactive and Procedural Modeling of Free-Form Shapes in JIPCAD

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Help in the development of JIPCAD, a design environment that can describe geometrical shapes (e.g., the abstract sculptures by famous artists such as Charles Perry, Eva Hild, or Robert Engman) either through a simple procedural language or through an interactive graphical user interface.
The typical workflow would start with a procedural description of the overall shape and its symmetries, followed by some interactive graphical fine-tuning.
The crucial capability of JIPCAD is that the graphical edits are integrated into the original procedural description.

Initial Task:
Choose an abstract sculpture of moderate complexity and try to express this in a CAD tool of your choice and later in the JIPCAD program.
Later Tasks:
Add new program modules to the evolving JIPCAD design environment, enabling advanced design capabilities or improving the user interface.

Qualifications: URAP students should have a love for geometry and should be comfortable enough with some CAD tool (Blender, Maya, Rhino, Solidworks, Autodesk, Berkeley SLIDE) so that they can model a smooth Moebius band or a Klein-bottle. [Please show some visual evidence of such a modeling effort in your application or during your first interview.]

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: virtual -- on-line.

+ Direct personal contacts when needed.

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Related website: