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Closed (1) The Historical Research and participation in the publication process for Emma Goldman Documentary Book Edition

Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed for this project.

The Emma Goldman Papers hopefully will be in the final process of publishing its last volume, thus many of the tasks of the URAP student may involve proof reading, fact checking, and also helping to bring the various files used in the process of the work back to the appropriate places in our archive.---in sum, the URAP student will learn archival skills, and partake in careful manuscript review, index vetting, and in preparation of layout etc. for submission of the manuscript to Stanford University Press for publication.

Ordinarily we ask for the skills listed below... much of which will also help in this stage of the work:

The Undergraduate Research Apprentice will conduct library and in-house archival research on turn-of-the-century anarchist,socialist labor, free speech, and sexual freedom agitation as they relate to Emma Goldman's papers—in preparation for a documentary edition of her selected works. The volume to be worked on in this coming year is The War Years -- 1917-1919. It contains much about anti-conscription activities, political trials--Emma Goldman's trial an opportunity to review the activities and ideas in America, prison conditions for political prisoners, the growing revolution in Russian/ and reactions in the U.S., deportation proceedings and the law, and more.

We seek undergraduates with a background in U.S. history (with an interest in labor and women's history); however, because Goldman was an international figure, we also welcome those with particular interest and language ability in countries that were engaged in the the First World War, and especially in German and Russian history and literature of the time period.That said we are interested in applications from any discipline. The research apprentice will have the opportunity to learn about primary historical research and will be expected to work a minimum of three hours per week--preferably more. This research apprenticeship offers unique "hands-on" primary research with rare and fascinating historical documents, and an opportunity to contribute to and be acknowledged in the book edition, as well as experiencing working in a collaborative research project. This stage of the Project may include some editing, proof reading as part of the general publication preparation training.

The Emma Goldman Papers is a research unit, and under-supported project of the University of California, Berkeley, at times partially supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, and formerly by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission of the National Archives in Washington, D.C. We have published a 22,000-document microfilm (now on-line through the Internet Archive), a prize-winning analytic guide, a high-school curriculum, a traveling exhibition, and maintain a web site at, and the first three volumes of the four-volume selected edition have been published; vols 1 &a 2 by University of California Press and in paperback with the University of Illinois Press. Volume 3 has been published by Stanford University Press, as will Vol. 4. We received an award from the Society of American Archivists for our efforts to increase public awareness and scholarship through the creation and use of manuscripts and archives. The Guardian listed our volumes among the ten best books in radical history.

The research apprentice will learn several levels of operation within a documentary editing project and will emerge with skills useful for any historian: library research, some transcription, editorial issues particular to documentary editing, and formal proofreading.The emphasis will be on developing research and information retrieval skills. [this may not be as complete as it had been before in this last phase of proofreading, indexing, and fact-checking]

Minimum Qualifications: Good academic record,; good library research skills, computer proficiency, attention to detail, and an interest in and familiarity with (or at least keen interest in learning about) Emma Goldman's writings and radical history and ideas. The research apprentice will work in the Project's office at 2241 Channing Way and in the library.

The research apprentice will be responsible for the accuracy of her/his own research and other assigned tasks, and for asking questions if she/he is unclear about anything. Time allotment for each task will be ascertained by both research apprentice and supervisor. This is a training position, and thus it is not imbued with any formal responsibility for the project. Note: The training and direction of research tasks, including special projects, will be directed by Editor/Director Candace Falk and and Editorial Associate Dan Elkind. Weekly meetings will be held with researchers to discuss progress-- either in tandem or individually.

see above.

eagerness to partake in the technical production of a scholarly text.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Candace Falk, and. Dan Elkind

Qualifications: To develop research and information retrieval skills using primary documentation/ and analytical perspective.This work will help contribute to the Documentary edition of the Papers of Emma Goldman that is being published by Stanford University Press. Bring interest,enthusiasm and the ability to work hard.We'll provide the rest. And for this stage of the work, expect to develop the skills of proof reading and attention to detail.

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: 2241 Channing Way
Ca 94720 -6030

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