David Montejano, Professor

Closed (1) From Southern Plantation to Northern Mill, or, Traveling Along the Cotton Trail during the American Civil War

Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed for this project.

Although both North and South had declared commerce with each other to be treasonous, a vigorous cotton trade between both re-emerged via Matamoros, Mexico. My book project is a social history based on the circulation of this so-called "Mexican cotton", from its harvest in Texas to its manufacture as uniform cloth in Massachusetts.

Initially I would like the student to locate and identify the discussion about this treasonous trade at the diplomatic level. Key individuals involved include Salmon P. Chase (Treasury Secretary), Gideon Welles (Navy Secretary), William H. Seward (Sec. of State), Edwin Stanton (Sec. of War), Nathaniel P. Banks (General), and Benjamin Butler (General). Autobiographical and biographical documents are available online. Other tasks may involve fact and footnote checking.

Qualifications: Aside from being able to do word searches and collect relevant tracts, the student should be able to collate them according to individual position taken. There was disagreement within Lincoln's cabinet about trading with the rebellious states.

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs

Closed (2) Immigration Watch: An Ongoing Review of Important Immigration News

Closed. This professor is continuing with Fall 2018 apprentices on this project; no new apprentices needed for Spring 2019.

To develop a social media outlet for important immigration stories. Specific form to be determined. This is meant to be a collaborative project.

Monitoring of key news sources, web sites, identification of important and interesting stories, doing occasional content stories

Qualifications: Web skills, documentary making skills, writing skills are all needed. I can only take three-four students.

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs