Larry Hyman, Professor

Closed (1) Research Apprenticeship in International Grant Program Coordination

Closed. This professor is continuing with Spring 2021 apprentices on this project; no new apprentices needed for Fall 2021.

Learn about faculty research on campus and meet scholars from France! This is the ideal URAP for students interested in interdisciplinary research and international collaboration in a unit that interacts with French scholars and diplomats.

Established in 1993 as a partnership with the French government, the France-Berkeley Fund (FBF) is a grant program that supports innovative, bi-national collaborative research in all fields between Berkeley faculty and their counterparts at institutions all over France. Research Apprentice(s) will work in close cooperation with FBF Director Larry Hyman and program manager Julia Nelsen.

NOTE: This URAP project does not involve conducting academic research with French scholars. URAP activities include:

- Compiling and analyzing archival data on FBF grants
- Researching FBF grantee activities
- Conducting interviews with FBF grantees
- Writing news blurbs about faculty research for FBF website
- Managing FBF social media
- Other tasks as needed

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Julia Nelsen, Staff Researcher

Qualifications: Qualifications: Good writing skills and social skills are important criteria in the selection of candidates since you will interact with faculty across the disciplines. Bi-weekly meetings to be arranged. NOTE: This position is open to students in all fields, including the humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering. Some knowledge of French preferred, but not required.

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs

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