Sarah Thornton

Closed (1) Uplifting Sagas: The Top Half of Women’s Liberation

Closed. This professor is continuing with Spring 2021 apprentices on this project; no new apprentices needed for Fall 2021.

I am working on a book to be published by WW Norton, which explores the global culture of breasts. Questions under investigation include: What role does lactation play in our humanity, intelligence and cognitive condition? How have different religious traditions imagined and treated breasts? What are the slang terms in the world's major languages for boobs, moobs, tits? What are the relations between the torso and women's sports? What is a liberated rack? How can we best achieve free and equal chests?

Areas of research include:
- the position of breasts in Black cultures, including rates of breastfeeding among women of the African diaspora
- the effects of breastmilk versus formula on longterm health conditions, like diabetes, obesity, allergies, immunities and mental abilities.
- the role of breasts in diverse global cultures and indigenous cultures.
- the role of breasts in sex work (erotic dancing, prostitution, pornography), including the attitudes of sex workers to their top half
- breast-related activism of all kinds, including #metoo
- biographies of key experts and other prospective interviewees.
- develop key questions for in-depth interviews

Learning outcomes:
· Improve cross-disciplinary research skills, primary and secondary sources, digital archival sources, ethnographic method.
· Enhance communications for general reader.
· Structure an educational book for maximum impact with the general public.
· Constructing arguments through narrative arcs with rounded characters.

Qualifications: I'm looking for a diverse team of detectives from a broad range of disciplines -- ethnic studies, public health, theology, anthropology, women's studies, media studies, geography, art history, etc, etc. Students with a deep understanding of Latinx, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Arabic, Persian, and/or African diaspora cultures and/or familiarity with foreign-language databases would be much appreciated. Apprentices should be able to research deeply, assess the relevance of their findings, and synopsize and communicate the material clearly and accurately. Preference will be given to juniors and seniors, but sophomores may apply.

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: The project will be navigated remotely due to covid-19 restrictions.

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