Jeroen Dewulf, Professor

Open (1) European Studies Research Assistant

Open. Apprentices needed for the fall semester. Enter your application on the web beginning August 17th. The deadline to apply is Monday, August 29th at 9 AM.

This is the ideal URAP for students interested in a career in international diplomacy and/or foreign affairs. The Institute of European Studies seeks to enrich America's understanding of Europe -- its people, culture, languages, and politics -- through the generation and dissemination of distinguished scholarship. As the University's focal point for the study of Europe, IES creates and supports cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing on European issues and issues related to Europe and its constituent nations. IES currently accepts students interested in working at the Institute as European Studies Research Assistants. The Research Assistants will work in close cooperation with IES director Jeroen Dewulf and IES program manager Laura Morello.
There will be a weekly meeting with all URAP participants. The day and time of the meeting will be decided at the beginning of the semester.

The tasks of a European Studies Research Assistant are multiple and provide experience in the management of an international research institute. The following tasks may be required:

- Acting as a student ambassador for IES events
- Reporting on IES events
- Researching IES core faculty scholarly activities
- Managing and publicizing events on IES social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
- Assisting in the organization of the IES undergraduate research conference in European Studies
- Assembling and managing the IES newsletter

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Laura Morello

Qualifications: Preference will be given to students with a strong interest in European Studies and knowledge of at least one European language other than English. Good writing skills and social skills are important criteria in the selection of candidates since you will interact with international faculty, diplomats and officials. Since most events take place in the late morning (11-12pm), students should make an effort to keep this time-slot free for at least two days of the week when building their class schedule.

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs

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