Jose Pablo Vazquez-Medina, Professor

Closed (1) Role of lung peroxiredoxin 6 in ferroptosis

Closed. This professor is continuing with Fall 2018 apprentices on this project; no new apprentices needed for Spring 2019.

The objective of the project is to study the role of lung peroxiredoxin 6 (Prdx6) in ferroptosis. Ferroptosis is a newly described form of cell death triggered by intracellular increases in lipid hydroperoxides. Prdx6 is highly expressed in the lung, and it is capable of reducing lipid hydroperoxides. This enzyme plays a crucial role in lung diseases characterized by increased oxidative stress.

The student will conduct experiments involving basic biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology techniques including primary tissue culture, gene and protein expression analyses and live cell fluorescence microscopy. The student will participate in lab meetings and journal club discussions. At the end of the internship, the student will be experienced in basic experimental wet lab procedures, will be able to read scientific literature and will gain knowledge of experimental design and interpretation of scientific data.

Qualifications: Basic knowledge of mammalian tissue culture is highly desirable.

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated

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