David Oppenheimer, Professor

Closed (1) The Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law

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The Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality Anti-Discrimination Law brings together academics, advocates and activists from six continents to address issues of systemic inequality and discrimination. Much of our research, administration and leadership is done by Berkeley students, including URAP students. Our current projects include working groups on COVID-19 and Equality, Sexual Harassment/Violence, Disability Rights, Pay Equity, Global Systemic Racism, LGBTQI+ Rights and Age Discrimination. Some of the work may be remote.

Students help plan conferences and workshops, conduct research, and help lead/administer the Center. We expect to offer 10-15 URAP apprenticeships to continuing URAP students and to add another 3-5 new URAP apprentices. Students who are committed to equality and inclusion are encouraged to apply. I (Professor David Oppenheimer) will contact students to arrange Zoom interviews soon after the URAP application deadline.

Qualifications: Students who are deeply interested in the issues of equality, discrimination, diversity and inclusion are welcome to apply.

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated

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