Waqas Khalid, Associate Scientist

Closed (1) Nanotechnology Unleashed!

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

Be the first to utilize/use cutting edge nanotechnology developed by Dr. Waqas Khalid, Berkeley Scientist and collaborators to solve problems in healthcare, energy and semiconductor industries. Join Dr. Khalid’s URAP program and learn about nanostructure based devices that have applications in monitoring human health, energy harvesting, energy storage, environmental sensing, and much more! Discover how nanotechnology is integrated in our everyday life and how you can commercialize this technology platform by learning how to performing market intelligence and business development.

We have developed a multi-analyte sensor array platform along with carbon nanotube based biosensors, chip holder/interface, custom electronics and software for data processing. The system is developed in collaboration with research partners like NASA Ames, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, UC Davis Medical Center, Stanford and UCSF. We would like to utilize the system to demonstrate simultaneous, in-situ detection of multiple biomarkers.

Students will have a chance to work on experiments at LBNL and Nasa Ames., Staff Researcher

Weekly Hours: 3-5 hrs