Steven Vogel, Professor

Closed (1) Global Order Framework Project and Market Governance in the United States and Japan.

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

I will be actively working on several projects in Fall 2021.
1) I will be conducting research for an international project sponsored by the Canon Institute in Japan called the Global Order Framework Project. The project goals include developing guidelines and metrics for monitoring the behavior of states, firms, and individuals with regard to global issues, such as climate change, global public health, and poverty/inequality.
2) I will continue work on a project that engages core theoretical debates in political economy, and brings empirical evidence to bear on these debates. It focuses particularly on the relationship between market governance (e.g. antitrust, labor regulation, financial regulation) and inequality/opportunity.
3) I will also be working on related articles. In particular, I am working on an article on the political economy of wage formation.
4) I may be writing opeds for US and/or Japanese audiences on related topics
5) I may be formulating specific US policy proposals building on this research.

The URAP students will search for articles and present key arguments in short memos. They will gather data and compile it with Excel and PowerPoint. They will research policy debates and summarize key positions in short memos. They will help to develop guidelines and metrics for the Global Order Framework Project, write/revise reports, and work with the Project's International Steering Committee and partner student teams in Japan and China.

Qualifications: Strong background in political economy plus facility with Excel and PowerPoint. Major could be Business, Economics, Political Economy, Political Science, Sociology, or another related field. PS 138E or other coursework with me a plus. Seeking at least one native Japanese speaker plus 1-2 others. Some knowledge of computer/ data systems a plus but not required. Strong background in Economics, especially labor economics, a plus.

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated

Off-Campus Research Site: Meetings in person if possible this semester.

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