Ryan Brutger, Professor

Closed (1) Public Support for International Cooperation and Economic Policy

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

My research studies international negotiations and domestic public support for international cooperation and economic policies (especially antitrust policy and international trade). This includes a range of substantive issues, such as the negotiations surrounding the Iran-nuclear deal, climate-change talks, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and antitrust policy. Specifically, the project examines what factors of international negotiations shape domestic support for policy proposals and agreements. Rather than focusing exclusively on the final substance of the agreement, we will examine how the negotiations are conducted, who is involved in which roles (international organizations, political leaders, mediators, etc.), and how the media reports on the negotiation process. The goal is to understand what factors of policy formation and negotiations generate public attention and how they shape public attitudes toward international agreements and economic policy.

Students will participate by identifying media coverage of specific policy proposals and negotiations and documenting the volume of media coverage in major news outlets and the aspects of the negotiations that received media coverage. The project has already built a new dataset on international negotiations, so the next step is to analyze how the public learns about the negotiations. This will entail an analysis of media reporting and public statements that were widely disseminated. Students will learn how to conduct advanced searches in LexisNexis, how to document and report findings, and will gain substantive knowledge about historical and contemporary international negotiations. Students will also write in-depth case studies of selected negotiations and may be asked to assist in miscellaneous data coding related to the broader research agenda.

Qualifications: Students must be organized and interested in international relations, economic policy, or negotiations.

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated

Off-Campus Research Site: Students may conduct research virtually and meetings may be virtually or in person depending on the composition of the research team.

Related website: https://sites.google.com/berkeley.edu/brutger/research?authuser=0