Dana Carney, Professor

Closed (1) Politics, Race, and Political Correctness; Socioeconomic Status and World View

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

►write to: Michael Rosenblum (michael.rosenblum@berkeley.edu)

Politics, Race, and Political Correctness

In another set of projects, we are exploring perceptions of political correctness and how to bring together inter-racial coalitions using shared public policy objectives. Students who work on these projects will receive training in how to design and conduct many aspects of the experimental process. I am looking for at least 1 RA to help with this project. The work will be remote (ZOOM meetings, email, etc.).

Socioeconomic Status and Worldview

In this project we are exploring when and how one's socioeconomic status (SES) shapes an individual's worldview. We are seeking to better understand when and why individuals from different SES backgrounds interpret the same behaviors differently, and how the same behaviors taken by members of different SES backgrounds are viewed differently. Students who work on this project will receive training in how to design and conduct many aspects of the experimental process. I am looking for at least 1 RA to help with this project.

You will gain experience in nearly all aspects of the research process, including theoretical/literature review, laboratory protocol design, data collection, and questionnaire quality control. In doing so, you’ll gain exposure to software programs and equipment commonly used in psychological research.

The primary mentor for PROJECT 1 is Mike Rosenblum, a PhD student in Haas working with Professor Carney. All work will be done Remotely.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Michael Rosenblum, Graduate Student

Qualifications: You should have a desire to pursue graduate school in Psychology. We are also looking for students enthused about human behavior research, open to taking on a variety of tasks, and flexible in dealing with unexpected research setbacks. Lab positions for this project will have flexible hours, depending on what is needed at the time. At minimum you will need to commit 5 hours a week to lab, although we much prefer students who can be available 9-10 hours per week.

Weekly Hours: 9-11 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: We will have a series of ZOOM meetings and do our work remotely-- from the comfort and safety of your home (and mine and Professor Carney's). It is possible that if the Delta variant is under control toward the end of the term or by the Spring, there may be safe in-person data collection but we will play it by ear and only if it is completely safe.

Closed (2) Inequality, Power, Status, Race, Bias, Prejudice and Nonverbal Behavior

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

***These are topics for potential projects to be started in the Fall/Spring***

►write to: Dana Carney (dcarney@berkeley.edu)

Power and Status:

Broadly, we aim to learn more about how high power/status and low power/status individuals react differently in a variety of social situations. We are looking for research assistants who have experience running subjects for experiments, and can commit about 10 hours a week. This is working directly with the lab manager whom we are in the process of hiring, and Professor Dana Carney.

Inequality, Race, Bias, & Prejudice:

We have a number of projects at various stages examining racial bias, prejudice, and inequality. One focus is to understand white privilege and how it is costly to all social groups. Other projects aim to combat bias through designing interventions.

Nonverbal behavior:

We aim to learn more about nonverbal behavior in situations involving power and status, race, prejudice, and interactions through behaviorally coding videos and photographs. This is work with a number of colleagues and students at Berkeley and elsewhere. We are looking for RAs who can commit about 10 hours a week. This is working directly with the lab manager (in the process of being hired) and Professor Dana Carney.

Students will likely start off working remotely-- until it is safe to begin running human participants in the lab, all data collection will be online. Most if not all meetings will happen over ZOOM; however, we wil monitor the COVID situation and if we al feel safe to meet in person (possibly outside) we can consider that, too. Research assistants will assist in aspects of managing, running, and organizing research experiments, such as helping with literature reviews, data collection, transcribing videos, and coding behaviors through videos and photographs. There may be opportunities to help with grant-writing, writing IRBs (something you have to do for a senior thesis project) and there will likely be data collection this term both running online studies and coding videotapes and photos. There also may be the opportunity to assist in data analysis if interested.
, Staff Researcher

Qualifications: REQUIRED: Ideal research assistants are willing to work about 10 hours a week. Sometimes this might mean coming into the RA office to do the work (but we will see-- monitoring COVID closely) and most will take place in meetings over ZOOM and at your home or you can come to the Haas or IPSR computer lab if you want/need to. Most of the time will be running research participants in online studies, or behaviorally coding videos and pictures. ***We are particularly interested in assistants who are fascinated by nonverbal communication and who have a VERY keen eye and can detect small changes in behavior. We have a few projects involving nonverbal coding and need researchers interested in and good at reading other people to do this work. Previous research experience is desirable but not essential – particularly in social psychology. We are particularly interested in students planning to get a PhD in social psychology or organizational behavior. We will train you to be a researcher here. The younger you are the better-- getting started in your Freshman or sophomore year is best. Proficiency with Excel and knowledge of how to use SPSS or R are both pluses as are special skills in programming, video editing, website making, and photoshop and photography. We expect 9 hour a week minimum requirement.

Weekly Hours: 9-11 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: We will do most of the work on ZOOM, remotely, from the comfort and safety of your home (and ours)

Related website: http://faculty.haas.berkeley.edu/dana_carney/

Closed (3) Famous Mid-Century Architect Creativity Data Entry (and sense-making and analysis) Project

Closed. This professor is continuing with Spring 2021 apprentices on this project; no new apprentices needed for Fall 2021.

Prof. Dana Carney needs an advanced data entry/analysis assistant to help sort through and make sense of and enter data from an archive of famous mid-century architects from the 1960s. We are doing an art exhibit at a museum in NYC next year and we have 2 days of psychological data on these architects and need to sort through it, make some decisions, and enter data (and analyze them). We also have these gorgeous pieces of art each architect made (which is what will be featured at the exhibit alongside their psychological data).

You will work with Prof. Dana Carney directly (the director of IPSR in the psychology department and a professor at Haas), Isaac Raymundo will assist (he is Dana's lab manager) and Elizabeth Peele is the Administrative head of IPSR and will also be involved. You should have interest in making sense of messy, complex data that was collected over 60 years ago and getting it from old paper-based formats into an analyzable format in SPSS or excel. There are some very old measures that were used-- it will be a trip down history lane if you are a psychology major. And if you are an art or architecture student you will be absolutely fascinated. All work will be done Remotely., Staff Researcher

Qualifications: Must have a love of data; if you are an architecture student or a mid-century scholar (or a psych undergrad fascinated by older measures that you have never actually seen data on like the TAT etc.) this might be perfect for you since the job itself will mostly be making sense of tons of data (deciding which data we want to enter into our database) and entering data. But if you are thrilled by the idea of it all, The Creative Mind, or these famous mid-century architect like Nelson, Saarenin, Pei, Neutra) and the concept behind what we are doing (and stimulated by the incredible data from these famous architects) the job will certainly hold your interest! Ideally if you have 15 hours a week that would be great-- if you only have 10-12 we can work with that.

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated

Off-Campus Research Site: Since campus is closed, we will have a series of ZOOM meetings and do our work remotely-- from the comfort and safety of your home (and mine)

All the archives are currently in the IPSR office at 2020 Berkeley Way West. However, we will find a way to digitize them if needed. Much of the content is already digitized but it is possible (if you are around) you could help to digitize (in a very safe environment) or we will do it and then work together electronically.