William Martinez

Closed (1) An efficacy and effectiveness trial of a school-based prevention program for newcomer immigrant youth at risk for traumatic stress.

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

The present study is a randomized control trial to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of a school-based group prevention program (Fuerte) in San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Public Schools. Fuerte targets newcomer Latinx immigrant youth (five years or less post arrival in the U.S.) who are at risk of experiencing traumatic stress. In particular, the Fuerte program focuses on increasing youth's mental health literacy, improving their social functioning, and identifying and connecting at-risk youth to specialty mental health services. In addition, the present study will also inform effective procedures for adaptations of the Fuerte program for other newcomer immigrant youth from non-Latin American countries. The program will be implemented by mental health providers from various county community-based organizations, as well as from the SFUSD Wellness Centers, who already offer mental health services in SFUSD schools.

1) Task: Participate in recruitment and the administration of survey instruments in Spanish during routine procedures in compliance with research protocols.

1) Learning outcomes: Become familiar with research protocols and the informed consent process; Practice leading data collection interviews.

2) Task: Conduct literature searches and write literature summaries after the supervisor outlines conceptual approach.

2) Learning outcomes: Practice navigating academic databases and develop critical thinking about the design, methods, and analysis of community-based research.

3) Task: Update study materials, website, and records on research progress.

3) Learning outcomes: Gain first-hand experience in communicating research to increase community engagement; Practice managing the organization of research data.

Students selected for this project may also be given the opportunity to participate in the Youth Equity Discovery Initiative (YEDI) Research Immersion Experience, a year long research apprenticeship and mentorship program for undergraduates (also known as, Youth Equity Scholars). YEDI complements the URAP experience through cascading mentorship, skill-building workshops, and professional development. Students in the YEDI program will cultivate community and supportive relationships between scholars themselves, their graduate and faculty mentors, as well as faculty and staff, with the goal of providing supportive pathways into careers addressing adolescent inequities and well-being. Participating in YEDI *requires* registering for an additional 1-unit course and attending bi-weekly workshops on Fridays from 10a-12p, which is above and beyond the research project requirements. YEDI participation also requires some assignments to be completed between workshops. For more information, please see: https://i4y.berkeley.edu/youth-equity-scholars-yes). Please indicate in your application your interest in YEDI.

We value equity and inclusion; Students from different backgrounds, with diverse identities and experiences, are all encouraged to apply.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Tatiana Baquero Devis, Staff Researcher

Qualifications: 1) Ability to work independently (required) 2) Interest in quantitative and qualitative social science methods (required) 3) Reliability in completing assigned workload tasks on time (required) 4) Interest in adolescent health, particularly adolescent health issues affecting immigrant youth (desirable) 5) Desire to pursue graduate school in public health or allied fields such as clinical psychology, public health, sociology, epidemiology, medicine, etc. (desirable) Please note in your application if you are fluent in Spanish or a language other than English.

Weekly Hours: 9-11 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: Research activities will include a flexible mix of remote and on-site work at Zuckerberg San Francisco General hospital.

Related website: https://latinomentalhealth.ucsf.edu/fuerte-program-0