James Robinson

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Closed (3) Health Technology Assessment and Pricing in Europe: Lessons for the US

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

European nations have developed methods of comparative clinical and cost effectiveness analysis for new medical technologies superior to those used by public and private insurers in the US. This project examines health technology assessment (HTA) methods in selected European nations for selected technologies, including implantable medical devices (the MDR regulation for the European Union), digital therapeutics (the DIGA framework in Germany), and algorithms based on machine learning (Europe AI Act). The goal is to better understand these initiatives and the potential lessons they offer to US policymakers and purchasers. The professor has considerable familiarity, based on past projects and case studies, with these materials; he speaks four languages in addition to English.

The undergraduate will work with the professor and his graduate student assistant in collecting, summarizing, and comparing HTA materials from the European Union with respect to biomedical innovation and technology. Deliverables will be in the form of annotated bibliographies with guidance and with review by the professor. The research team (professor, grad student, URAP student) will meet weekly to review materials and drafts of the deliverables and decide on continued directions. If the URAP student is interested, he/she will write ‘issue briefs’ on selected aspects of the larger project, as suggested by the professor. These will be published on the BCHT site.

Qualifications: The student should have senior standing and familiarity with health care economics and/or health care technology. Ideally, he/she will have some familiarity with the assessment and/or pricing of drugs or other clinical technologies. A reading ability in German or other European languages would be a huge plus, but certainly not expected.

Weekly Hours: 6-8 hrs

Related website: http://bcht.berkeley.edu