Praveen Mummaneni, Professor

Closed (1) UCSF Neuro-spine department clinical research assistant

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

Assistant will remotely call patients to collect data, assist with data collection and entry, and regularly attend Zoom research meetings.

Undergraduate will: 1. Communicate with patients within the inclusion criteria of the study projects to collect patient reported outcomes by phone 2. Consent patients to contribute to trials under supervision of the clinical research coordinators until acceptable level is achieved, then they can accomplish independently. (not for Fall 2020) 3. Remotely enter data into the electronic data capture systems for research projects. 4. Participate in bi-weekly Zoom research meetings with the attendings, fellows, residents, and research staff. 5. With experience, students may participate in writing abstracts, papers, and textbook chapters.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Vivian Le, Staff Researcher

Qualifications: Minimal medical knowledge and terminology, average communication skills

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated