Atreyee Gupta, Professor

Closed (1) Modern Art and the Global South

Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed for this project.

The project is part of an ongoing research on modern art in the Global South. In particular, the project involves examining connections among political movements, intellectual movements, and art movements between ca. 1950 and 1970. Regions covered include South Asia, South America, Latin America, East Europe, and Africa, with an emphasis on artistic and intellectual connections with India. Depending on skill, background, and focus, the student will: research the work of specific artists, research exhibition histories, or collect material on major art critics, theorists, and literary figures of the period from South America, Latin America, East Europe, and Africa who collaborated with Indian artists and intellectuals.

1. Directed primary and secondary research in the UCB library and online databases
2. Research of images in museum collections, auction catalogs, and digital databases
3. Use of interlibrary loan
4. Digital image cataloging

Learning outcomes:
Directed experience with independent research; Development of research and data organization skills; Knowledge about modern art outside Europe and North America

Qualifications: Qualifications: The project welcomes students with different specializations and research interests in art, literature, history, and politics; Interest in researching global connections required; Knowledge of Hindi and Spanish would be helpful but not required

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated