The Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) creates opportunities for Berkeley undergraduates to work with faculty members on the ground-breaking research projects for which Berkeley is world-renowned. As an apprentice, you can work on faculty research and learn advanced research skills, explore fields that interest you, and find out what it is like to be an academic at the world's premier research institution.

Browse URAP Projects by Area of Interest

Berkeley faculty conduct their research in a richly interdisciplinary environment. Although faculty are grouped according to their school or departmental affiliation, an individual's work may address diverse fields of inquiry. Use the links below to get a broad array of projects in your area of interest. Don't just consider your major department -- open your mind and get a sense of the true breadth of research at Berkeley!

Arts & Humanities
examines literature, language or the arts, or is engaged in creative efforts. Could include, but not limited to, projects in art history, english and other language/ literature departments, classics, theater, philosophy, art practice, ethnic studies, women's studies, etc.
Biological & Health Sciences
examines life processes. Could include, but not limited to, projects in molecular and cell biology, plant and microbial biology, bioengineering, public health, and integrative biology
Digital Humanities and Data Science
bring together computer science, data management, and data analysis in a variety of areas of inquiry, in the digital humanities specifically to humanistic inquiry.
Education, Cognition & Psychology
examines the mind, the brain, and the learning process. Could include, but not limited to, projects in education, psychology, cognitive science, anthropology, etc.
Engineering, Design & Technologies
transforms the physical world and creates systems for information. Could include, but not limited to, projects in engineering, architecture and information management
Environmental Issues
examines the interactions of populations and the natural world. Could include, but not limited to, projects in environment science, engineering, environmental design, as well as social and cultural studies
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
examines the matter and principles governing the physical world. Could include, but not limited to, projects in chemistry, physics, astronomy, earth and planetary sciences, chemical engineering and mathematics.
Social Sciences
could include, but not limited to, projects in anthropology, ethnic studies, business, political sciences, history, sociology, city & regional planning, education, ethnic studies, women's studies, etc.
Open Projects
provides a list of professors with projects open to new apprentices, including projects reopened after the application deadline.
All Projects
shows you the complete list of current projects.