Clayton Critcher, Professor

Closed (1) The Psychology of Consumer Decision Making, Emotion, Morality, and Politics

Applications for Spring 2019 are now closed for this project.

In my lab, we work on a variety of topics at the intersection of social psychology and consumer behavior. Almost all questions are addressed with the use of behavioral experiments. At present, we are answering questions like the following:

*If a politician is called out for lying on Twitter, how do his (or her) supporters rationalize it away?

*Is it possible to breathe new excitement into experiences we once loved but have gotten somewhat bored with (e.g., a movie)?

*Why are guests staying at a hotel willing to pay more for a voucher for 168 hours of internet as opposed to one offering "unlimited internet" during that week? (Note there are 168 hours in a week.)

*When liberals try to understand conservatives' perspective on an issue (or vice versa), why does this make liberals dig in their heels even more?

The common theme across our different lines of research is we identify psychologically relevant phenomena in the real world and then dissect them in the laboratory to understand why they occur.

Most studies take place in lab space at the Haas School of Business.

Undergraduates will work directly with Professor Critcher. Students will help to generate ideas for research studies, will take part in meetings with Professor Critcher and other students, will coordinate and conduct research experiments, and will code and analyze data. Apprentices will learn how to apply the scientific method to answer basic questions in psychology and consumer behavior. Once URAPs have worked a full semester with Professor Critcher, they are eligible to attend lab meetings with other advanced URAPs, PhD students, and faculty.

Qualifications: Priority will be given to students who have interests in or experience with social psychology and/or judgment and decision making. Basic familiarity with research design is a plus, but is not required. Students must be highly disciplined, detail-oriented, well-organized, and highly conscientious.

Weekly Hours: 9-11 hrs

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