Carl Rothfels, Professor

Closed (1) Text analysis -- Extract Flora

Closed. This professor is continuing with Spring 2021 apprentices on this project; no new apprentices needed for Fall 2021.

The goal of this project is to transform a digitized PDF of a floristic manual (Nouvelle Flore du Liban et de la Syrie by Paul Mouterde) into an interactive database that can be used for downstream data science analyses.

The student will utilize Python and Jupyter notebook to create a pipeline that will be transferable to other floristic manuals.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Maryam Sedaghatpour, Ph.D. candidate

Qualifications: Fluency in Python and interest in floristics

Weekly Hours: 9-11 hrs

Off-Campus Research Site: remote

Related website:

Closed (2) Phylogeny of Sand Verbenas

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

Sand verbenas (genera Abronia and Tripterocalyx) are flowering plants native to Western North America, from Canada to Baja California and central Mexico. Several species are of conservation concern. This project will combine already generated genetic data with morphological data to investigate some of the phylogenetic relationships within the group.

Tasks include:
1. organizing, double-checking, preparing and structuring research results
2. manuscript development, including a thorough reference review
3. manuscript preparation, including illustrations, figures and tables
4. data deposit in public databases
5. other support tasks as assigned

Learning outcomes include:
1. deeper understanding of the steps involved in the scientific method
2. hands on experience in using different forms of data and inferring evolutionary relationships through phylogenetic analyses
3. communication of a scientific study to the public in written (publication) and oral (presentation) forms.

Day-to-day supervisor for this project: Sonia Nosratinia, Staff Researcher

Qualifications: Responsible, reliable, punctual - Interest in science - Excellent organizational skills - Excellent attention to detail - Ability to follow instructions - Ability to formulate and ask questions - Excellent ability to maintain focus while doing repetitive tasks and catch mistakes. Preference for candidates with one or more of the following: - Experience in the R language and environment. - Experience in image processing or illustration - Experience in layout and design. Weekly hours to be negotiated, but preference will be given to students that can commit for at least 5hr per week. Some of the work needs to be done in the lab or the museum and some can be done remotely.

Weekly Hours: to be negotiated