Isha Jain, Professor

Closed (1) Computational Biology of Oxygen

Applications for fall 2021 are now closed for this project.

Oxygen is the substrate for over 400 known biochemical reactions, surpassing even ATP and NADH. Thus, it is not surprising that almost all organisms have evolved the ability to sense variations in oxygen levels and adapt accordingly. When oxygen levels fall below a tissue’s buffering capacity, there are devastating effects on health and survival. Notably, the leading causes of death in developed nations are due to impaired oxygenation – heart disease, stroke, and respiratory disease. While the underlying cause of disease may vary, the ultimate pathology results from impaired oxidative metabolism. Our goal is to understand which metabolic processes fail as a function of oxygen tension and which pathways are successfully rewired to cope with variations in oxygen levels.

Analyzing high-throughput datasets related to oxygen metabolism (RNASeq, metabolomics, etc.)

Qualifications: - 1 year of computer science coursework - understanding of molecular and cell biology (at least 1 course)

Weekly Hours: 12 or more hours

Off-Campus Research Site: 555 Mission Bay Blvd South, 3rd floor
UCSF, Cardiovascular Research Building
San Francisco, CA 94158

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